Hand-drawn dreamscapes

Mind-expanding artwork by Chriszka for your walls, your well-being and your yoga mats.

Current painting I'm working on: The Phoenix

Getting ready for the vernissage

See the photos from the vernissage on my instagram

Motivating yoga mats

Have a closer look at the Backgammon for Aliens mat

Close-ups and work in progress


Tiny details everywhere

Attention to detail. This is what the work process looked like about 7 hours before finishing The Garden.

Drawing with pen on white paper this late in the process (after 78 hours of work) is a thrilling experience. Mistakes are obviously not an option. 

have a look at the finished piece


Spring feelings.

I have added tiny elements from computer games in many of my drawings, and there's a Space Invader hidden in this one.

I initially wanted to draw the main character from the Commodore 64 game Aztec Challenge, because my brother and I used to play that game a lot. But the Space Invader won.

see the finished work


Early work

I recently found a sketchbook with a bunch of drawings I did when I was 11. This one is called "The world seen through the eyes of the glasses of the wizard!" (including the exclamation mark). I am clearly the same person.

Attention to detail

Each artwork has taken between 40 to 85 hours to complete.

Attention to detail

In our digitalized world we need to dedicate ourselves to fully absorbing work that slows everything down a bit.