Yoga mat with hand-painted print: Island of the Gods

Yoga mat with hand-painted print: Island of the Gods

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Yoga mat with hand-painted print and natural rubber base + no-slip microfiber suede, perfect for hot yoga: The grip increases with moisture. Size: 183 x 68 cm (thickness 4mm, weight around 3.5 kg). This is the mat that I currently use myself.

This mat is inspired by Bali and all the fractal-like patterns on the island: the rice fields, the temples, the portals, the sound-healing pyramids, the surfboards, the waves and the electric sunsets.  

The print on the mat is an acrylic oil painting that I made right after my very juicy trip to the Indonesian island in 2019. The painting was finished in September 2019. Prints of the painting can be seen (and ordered) here.

Be aware that 'Island of the Gods' is not an optimal mat for travel as it is heavier than the average yoga mat (3,5 kg). 

About the original painting
I have painted the design by hand (acrylic on canvas). Afterwards, the painting has been printed onto the mat by expert printers. 

This is the yoga mat for balancing on the waves of light, sound and water. For the musicians, the sound healers and those of us who needs a temple, a totem pole or a trip to the tropics. For reestablishing the connection to the earth. For those who want to turn their yoga mats into cosmic surf boards of light and balance. 
Since the entire symmetry of the drawing is done by hand, the mat works as a HIGHLY motivational tool during your yoga praxis. Working patiently with the flexibility and stretching and re-balancing of tiny areas of your body WILL end up in improved flow and better balance for your entire system. You won’t forget this fact while practising your yoga moves on this mat, I assure you! The symmetrical patterns and tiny details will remind you.

Orders, questions about delivery or anything else concerning the yoga mat or the painting are very welcome at / +45 40 40 49 18.

If you live in Copenhagen, the mat can be delivered at your door in person (or picked up by you (in Vesterbro), if you prefer). Send an email to (or give me a call at +45 40 40 49 18).