Giclée print: Constant Conversation

Giclée print: Constant Conversation

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Hand-drawn - coloured pencil on paper. High-quality giclée print. 71 x 52 cm (white edge: 1,5 cm). Limited edition. Signed and numbered.

This is a hand-drawn piece that I made as a gift for my brother's recent wedding. It's called Constant Conversation, inspired by that never-ending and wonderful eagerness for deep communication that we experience when we fall in love (and stay there).

It shares its title with a poem by the Persian mystic Rumi (such a favourite), who wrote his works on love, spirituality and truth seeking in the 13th century. The deep conversation he so often writes about is never just with a partner or a soulmate but with the universe itself.

This deep conversation also emerges for me when I skip the digital distractions and dive into hand-drawn and immensely time-consuming art projects like this. It's a wondrous process every time.

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