Hand-painted yoga mat: Backgammon for Aliens

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Hand-painted deluxe yoga mat, 61 cm x 183 x 6mm. 

I think most yoga mat designs are too bland and too boring. So I have decided to design my own. And here it is: My first one.

I have painted the design by hand (with paint brushes and acrylics on canvas). Afterwards, the painting has been printed onto the mat.

I have used this exact mat myself two times a week for hot yoga - and after six months of this weekly routine, the mat still looks great! - and smells like freshly cut cucumber and calendula.

This is the mat for connecting with air, space, aliens and brainwaves. For those who want to enter the cosmic machinery and make their moves on the game board behind the visible world. For the playful lovers of technology. For those who want to turn their yoga practice into a party game: Twister! For those who love buttons, keyboards and deep thoughts  but need a break from the screens. This is the mat that I have done the most headstands on.

Orders, questions about delivery or anything else concerning the yoga mat or the painting are very welcome at christina@majcher.dk.

If you live in Copenhagen, the mat can be delivered at your door before Christmas (or picked up at my place, if you prefer). Send an email to christina@majcher.dk.

The design on the mat is a print of one of my paintings called 'Backgammon for Aliens' (acrylic on canvas). You can see the original painting on the picture next to the one of the yoga mat.

The mat is printed in the UK by a company with this tag-line: "The best pvc mats you can buy in Europe. Made to meet the European standards from the latest environmental polymer resins. 6-P free, free of phthalate, AZO, DOP, Phenol and heavy metals - no nasties at all!"

I spend several hours a week on a yoga mat. Why not make that time a feast for the eyes as well as the body?