Hand-painted yoga mat: Endless Summer

Hand-painted yoga mat: Endless Summer

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Hand-painted deluxe yoga mat, 61 cm x 183 x 6mm. 

I have painted the design by hand (with oil pastel, pencils and ink). Afterwards, the painting has been printed onto the mat.

I use the mat myself every week for hot yoga. Just like my first hand-painted yoga mat (check it out here), it still looks great after being in use for months - and it still smells like freshly cut cucumber and calendula.

Since the entire symmetry of the drawing is done by hand (no computer graphics, no cheating) the mat works as a HIGHLY motivational tool during your yoga praxis. Working patiently with the flexibility and stretching and re-balancing of tiny areas of your body WILL end up in improved flow and better balance for your entire system. 

You won’t forget this fact while practising your yoga moves on this mat, I assure you! The symmetrical patterns and tiny details will remind you.

Orders, questions about delivery or anything else concerning the yoga mat or the painting are very welcome at christina@majcher.dk.

If you live in Copenhagen, the mat can be delivered at your door before Christmas (or picked up at my place, if you prefer). Send an email to christina@majcher.dk.

The design on the mat is a print of one of my drawings called 'Endless Summer' (oil pastels, pencil and ink on paper). The drawing is the exact size of half a yoga mat. When mirrored, it became full size. You can see the original painting on this website, too (and buy prints). 

The mat is printed in the UK by a company with this tag-line: "The best pvc mats you can buy in Europe. Made to meet the European standards from the latest environmental polymer resins. 6-P free, free of phthalate, AZO, DOP, Phenol and heavy metals - no nasties at all!"