The Alliance (Healing Handpan)

The Alliance (Healing Handpan)

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Hand-drawn. Colored pen and pencil on paper. Sold as print. Limited edition. Signed. 37,5 cm x 37,5 cm. Completed October 2017. 

I drew this as a cover for the Healing Handpan Alliance project: The album will be released and available for free download this November.

While doing the drawing, I was particularly inspired by this description of the project:

"The handpan is particularly useful for healing because many people encounter them for the first time with no historical reference, no cultural context, and no music genre that the instrument can be neatly placed into within the known constructs of their mind. They look ancient, and also like a UFO. These elements create the perfect space for people to be receptive to the sonic vibrations, rhythmic brainwave activation and artistic intention".