Art print: Shadow Work

Art print: Shadow Work

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Shadow Work. 50 x 70 cm. Colored pencil and ink on paper + collage element. Limited edition art print. Signed and numbered. Matcoated giclée print.

This piece took me two and a half months to complete - and it was all made during corona lockdown in 2020.

The idea for Shadow Work - including the title - was completely clear in my head before I started drawing:

There was this woman in the foreground, completely absorbed in the interesting puzzle in front of her. And then I wanted to draw the complexity behind that manageable problem. How a thousand invisible and unconscious connections rise up and form a complex landscape behind the patterns and puzzles in front of us.

Appropriately, I started drawing the piece in March 2020. Perfect timing for shadow work for the entire planet!

And as the corona lockdown was enforced and the closure of the country gave us all ample opportunity to explore how the depths of our own psyche react under pressure and during unusual circumstances, this shadow work idea just became more and more relevant by the hour. Which, of course, made the drawing process even more fun.

It became pretty clear to me that when people are forced to stay at home by themselves, and are forced to get their information on the goings-on in the world through their screens and their internet connections rather than through their own personal experience, well, then what goes on in their heads is primarily a dance orchestrated by their own repressed shadows and their own unconscious automatic reactions. Not reality.

I wish more people would take the time to do some inner work instead of constantly REACTING and getting carried away by stuff on social media. Inner work is slow and laborious and time-consuming, but it is not just 'worth it', it is the only way.

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